There is something about carrying a leather compendium that says professional, better than any other accessory. Executive leather compendiums are even more impressive when they are embossed with the corporate name, or even the executive’s name. These types of gifts and business accessories are a key part of a truly elegant corporate image.  


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At Leather Compendiums New Zealand, we understand your need for elegance in the work environment. We offer a wide selection of genuine leather compendiums ready for embossing or tasteful imprinting with the company logo. We offer executive leather compendiums in standard, A4 and A5 sizes. These are ready to be embossed or printed with the corporate logo, and name.

Our fine leather binders are perfect for executive, corporate, small business and hotel use. Corporate leather compendiums embossed with the corporate logo, make an elegant impression wherever they go. This aids in branding, and confidence among your clientele. They are also excellent incentive gifts for sales staff, and executive staff.

Leather Compendiums and Binders as Corporate Gifts
Leather corporate gifts are always saved for the most deserving. Sharing leather gifts shows appreciation, on a level nothing else does. Leather gifts are appropriate for:
• Top Executives
• Middle Management
• Top Sales Staff
• Reception Staff
• Creative Staff
• Key Clientele
• Independent Contractors who serve your company
• Anyone in your Company who has gone above and beyond what was expected

Branding by means of Incentive Gifts
These elegant leather binders are perfect for employee gifts and awards. Imagine giving your top executives and sales reps that have your corporate logo and the words “Upholding our Standard of Excellence” or “Salesman of the Year” and then the employee’s name. Your sales staff and executives would bring these compendiums to their appointments and business meetings. This could increase customer confidence and leave them with a very good impression of the staff member, as well as the company. There is nothing more dual purpose than giving an impressive and luxurious gift to key staff members, which they are sure to carry with them to meetings with clientele. It makes a great impression, on the clients and the staff at once.

Hotel Branding
These fine leather compendiums and other leather items are great for use at the front desk, and among hotel executives for the purpose of branding. Leather binders leave your clientele and guests with the impression of professionalism, and luxury. Isn’t that the image all hotels wish to impart to their guests?

Scent Marketing
Scent has also become a huge part of branding, and marketing. Leather puts off a faint but lovely scent, which most people find irresistible. It is an exciting smell which is at once sexy and awe inspiring. No other scent has the same power as leather, because scent power is based on recall. Leather brings back all sorts of memories in most people, from respect for their father, to an enjoyable experience riding on horseback with a leather saddle. Leather triggers memories, and that is good for scent marketing.

A Variety of Styles and Types
Leather Compendiums New Zealand offers a huge selection at a wide price range, perfect for any corporate or non profit situation. We offer A4 and A5 sizes, and a variety of styles and colours including zippered pad-folios and ring binders. All products are made of luxurious leather, PVC, and microfibre or nylon and have a truly elegant executive feel.

Everyone appreciates leather, and at Leather Compendiums New Zealand we offer the opportunity for everyone to purchase leather binders, diaries, pad folios, ring binders and small notepad holders at a great value. Our prices are competitive, and our embossing and printing are of top quality. We look forward to serving all your compendium needs as your company embraces the feel of luxurious executive leather.

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